When you order coffee and lunch at your favourite restaurants on Ritual, you collect points that can then be redeemed for $ towards free food and drinks at any partner on our network. On top of that, you can earn bonus points for things other than purchases – like your birthday!

The world is your oyster.


Collect points and earn free eats with Ritual Rewards.


10 points per $1 spent on every purchase


Up to 20x the points (up to 3000 pts.) on every other order at Rewards Plus partners


Access to Ritual exclusives like secret menus, member-only events, and more


Make 8 purchases a month to unlock and maintain Ritual Elite status.
You’ll receive the everyday benefits of Ritual Rewards, but on top of that, you’ll get:


1.5x the points on regular purchases


A dedicated concierge on stand-by
assist with your orders


Early access to Ritual FirstTaste
partners w/ 10x the points


Early access to Ritual exclusives


A surprise on your birthday


Special recognition from partners and an enhanced app experience


Once you've collected 10,000 points you can start redeeming them towards your favourite food at any restaurant. No fees, no strings attached.
Order just twice a week for a month and you’ll unlock Ritual Elite status and amazing perks on top of your regular Ritual Rewards benefits.

Pro-tipevery second purchase from Rewards Plus partners can earn you up to 20x the points. This means up to 3000 points from just one purchase - think of how fast you could get to 10,000 points this way! Rewards Plus partners are marked with a tag in-app. You can also find a list of the Rewards Plus restaurants near you from the Rewards screen. Here's how quickly you can get to your first reward:



How does the new Ritual Rewards program work?

Ritual members will automatically receive 1 point per every $1 spent on regular purchases on Ritual for coffee and meals. Select partners will offer up to 20x the points on every second order from Rewards Plus restaurants, these partners will be marked in-app.

Once you make more than 8 purchase a month, Ritual Elite status will be unlocked and added perks will include 1.5x the points on regular purchases and other perks. To maintain Ritual Elite status, you must make 8 or more purchases per month on a rolling basis.

Every 10,000 points collected is redeemable for a $10 Ritual Reward to spend at any partner on Ritual. Points can be redeemed in increments of 10,000. Ritual Rewards can be accumulated.

I was already enjoying Ritual Rewards, how does this change affect me?

Now, every single purchase you make on Ritual allows you to collect points.

For our existing members, this means that you have a chance to earn more points that can be redeemed for rewards on top of the rewards on every other purchase at select restaurants in the past. Your Ritual Reward will also come in the form of a cash credit value, which means you get to pick where to spend it.

I already loved receiving rewards at my favourite restaurants previously, why is Ritual changing the program?

Previously, our rewards program were structured in a way where you could only apply your Ritual Rewards discounts to orders from specific restaurants. We received lots of feedback and requests for this to be available at all restaurants, and for rewards to be available no matter where you ordered your take-out.

Things you loved about the Ritual Rewards program – like getting discounts on every other order at your favourite restaurants and discounts for trying new restaurants through Ritual FirstTastes – are now even better.

Restaurants that formerly offered 20% off for every second order offer now offer 20x the points for every second order - this means you can earn up to 3000 points in just one order.

The new Rewards program allows you to collect points at every single one of our restaurants, not only restaurants you would have previously received discounts at. This means points add up to get you more savings faster, and on top of that the rewards earned can be used at any partner in our network. No limitations, no strings attached.

How easy will it be for me to earn rewards?

With points available for every single purchase you make, it’ll be easy for you to stack them up and redeem for rewards!

Plus, the restaurants who you knew as Ritual Rewards restaurants (and more) will be offering up to 20x the points on every second order. These partners will be marked in-app with “Rewards Plus”, and you can take advantage of them to get to 10,000pts. at lightning speed. We’ll let you know when you can make a purchase and take advantage of these extra points.

There will also be opportunities for you to earn 1.5x the points as a Ritual Elite member, as well as a surprise. on your birthday.

How will the referral program be affected?

The previous Give $10, Get $10 program will not change. When you invite a friend or coworker to join Ritual, they’ll still receive $5 at sign-up, and $5 more after their first order, and you’ll receive $10.

Will there be changes to my Ritual app?

The simple ordering experience will remain the same, but we’ve made some updates to help you better keep track of your points collected and rewards redeemed.

If auto app updates is enabled from your smartphone, you should see this change right away in your app, if not, get the update from the app store to start collecting points under the new Ritual Rewards program.

Once you reach Ritual Elite status, your app will automatically be updated to give you an enhanced look and experience.

Is there a fee to be a Ritual Rewards member?

No, there is no membership fee. You can collect points regardless of your purchase activity.

How do I redeem my points for a credit reward?

For every 10,000 points collected , you can redeem them for a $10 Ritual Rewards credit in the Rewards page in-app. Points can be redeemed in increments of 10,000. You can redeem your points and spend your Reward right away, or you can save up your points for something really special.

How do I use my Ritual Rewards credits?

Once you have redeemed your points for credits, they’ll be automatically applied to your next purchase.

How do I unlock and maintain Ritual Elite status?

Once you make more than 8 purchase a month, Ritual Elite status will be unlocked automatically. Your Elite status will be reflected in your account in app, and you should see a 1.5x increase to points collected from regular purchases.

To maintain Ritual Elite status, you must make 8 or more purchases per month on a rolling basis.

What are the benefits to being a Ritual Elite member?

Not only will you get more points (1.5x) for every dollar you spend using Ritual, you’ll also get early access to to Ritual FirstTaste Partners (new to Ritual), where you can get 10x the points on all orders.

You’ll receive early access to bonus points and Ritual exclusives like secret menus, member-only events, and more.

All the benefits of being a Ritual Elite member means you’ll collect points even faster and earn more free eats

Will the discounts I’ve earned previously from Ritual Rewards partners still be redeemable?

You’ll no longer be able to redeem the previous discounts you’ve earned on the old Ritual Rewards program. However, your previously earned rewards will be converted into up to 20x the points on your next purchase from the restaurant before the set expiry date, see app for more details.

Will the points I collect expire?

No, the points you collect do not have an expiration date. You can redeem them for credits at any time.

Will my Ritual Reward credits expire?

No, the credits you have do not have an expiration date. They will be applied to the next purchase after they’be been redeemed for with points.

How will I know which partners offer up to 20x the points on every second order?

Partners that offer up to 20x the points will be marked in-app with a “Reward-Plus” tag. You can also see Rewards Plus restaurants near you from the Rewards screen. At these restaurants or cafes, you’ll earn up to 20x the points on every other purchase. We’ll notify you when you have the opportunity to make these special purchases for extra points.

How can I earn bonus points not associated to purchases?

You can earn bonus points from:

  • You order from a new spot on Ritual (+100 pts)
  • Send your unique sign-up code to friends for the first time (+50 pts)
  • Other surprise offers you can learn about by subscribing to our email newsletters.
These points will appear within 48 hours.