Ritual unveils largest cross-restaurant guide to healthier pickup meals across Toronto, Chicago and New York for consumers and corporate offices & kicks things off with rewards for healthier eating

TORONTO – March 27, 2017 – Today, Ritual announced its new Wellness Menu that features over 10,000 wellness-minded meals and menu items from over 1,000 restaurants and cafes in Toronto, Chicago and New York. These wellness-approved meals are backed by over 173,000 menu item add-ons and customizations – all identified by a green leaf within the Ritual app.

To determine which menu items and item options qualify, we consulted closely with one of North America’s foremost authorities on nutrition, a Registered Dietician with a Top 3 ranked hospital1 in the US.

Together, we built a set of nutritional criteria backed by 36 references from evidence-based scientific studies, research publications and guidelines from major Canadian and US governments and associations. We then translated those criteria into an intricate set of algorithms, which we use to assess every menu item and item option across every restaurant on our network using a common standardized approach.

This is the largest guide to healthy eating ever created for ordering pickup (meal take-out) within the largest metropolitan cities in North America. To arrive at our Wellness Menu, we had to sift through over 54,000 meals and menu items, and over 343,000 menu item add-ons and customizations.

Armed with the data to understand which meals and options qualify as wellness-minded choices, we were finally able to launch a sought-after corporate program – to provide employers the ability to subsidize healthier meals that employees order from nearby restaurants during the workday or after-hours.

Inspired by subsidized corporate cafes that sometimes offer higher subsidies on healthier meals ordered by employees – Ritual has turned all the restaurants in your city into your company’s corporate cafe and has done the legwork to identify the healthier options. Companies can now easily subsidize of 5% to 100% on all healthy meals ordered by their employees.

Corporate office launch promotion

For offices of 100+ people, Ritual will fund a trial and provide a significant rebate on healthy meals your employees order on Ritual for 1 year. Simply request a trial.

Consumer launch promotion

You’ll earn 5x points (Ritual Rewards) for every qualifying wellness order for the week of March 27 - April 2, 2017; all bonus points will be awarded to your accounts on April 4, 2017.

1. U.S. News & World Report 2016-17 Best Hospitals: Specialty Rankings. Page 129. Accessed here.