Trust us when we say that you haven't truly experienced the Ritual magic unless you've used Ritual Search. The little magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner is one of the most overlooked features, but it's the one that we ourselves use the most here at Ritual HQ.

We've pulled together a list of the most useful ways to utilize Ritual Search for you. Here's to caffeinat-ing and lunch-ing even faster.

Reading this on your phone browser? The buttons below will take you directly to the related search in-app. (Mobile Chrome has been known to cause some errors, if this happens to you, we apologize in advance, but you can still type in the search terms!)

Type in something like... "Freshii" when you want to find your fave resto.

Type in something like... "Mocha" when you know exactly what you want.

Type in something like... "Salad" when you're on a mission to eat healthy.

Type in something like... "Italian" when you feel adventurous or miss home.

Type in something like... "Vegan" when you want to know what's in your food.

Type in something like... "Under 8" when you're trying to fatten up the piggy bank.