Eat Well, Enjoy Rewards

Ritual unveils largest cross-restaurant guide to healthier pickup meals across Toronto, Chicago and New York for consumers and corporate offices & kicks things off with rewards for healthier eating

TORONTO – March 27, 2017 – Today, Ritual announced its new Wellness Menu that features over 10,000 wellness-minded meals and menu items from over 1,000 restaurants and cafes in Toronto, Chicago and New York. These wellness-approved meals are backed by over 173,000 menu item add-ons and customizations – all identified by a green leaf within the Ritual app.

To determine which menu items and item options qualify, we consulted closely with one of North America’s foremost authorities on nutrition, a Registered Dietician with a Top 3 ranked hospital1 in the US.

Together, we built a set of nutritional criteria backed by 36 references from evidence-based scientific studies, research publications and guidelines from major Canadian and US governments and associations. We then translated those criteria into an intricate set of algorithms, which we use to assess every menu item and item option across every restaurant on our network using a common standardized approach.

This is the largest guide to healthy eating ever created for ordering pickup (meal take-out) within the largest metropolitan cities in North America. To arrive at our Wellness Menu, we had to sift through over 54,000 meals and menu items, and over 343,000 menu item add-ons and customizations.

Armed with the data to understand which meals and options qualify as wellness-minded choices, we were finally able to launch a sought-after corporate program – to provide employers the ability to subsidize healthier meals that employees order from nearby restaurants during the workday or after-hours.

Inspired by subsidized corporate cafes that sometimes offer higher subsidies on healthier meals ordered by employees – Ritual has turned all the restaurants in your city into your company’s corporate cafe and has done the legwork to identify the healthier options. Companies can now easily subsidize of 5% to 100% on all healthy meals ordered by their employees.

Corporate office launch promotion

For offices of 100+ people, Ritual will fund a trial and provide a significant rebate on healthy meals your employees order on Ritual for 1 year. Simply request a trial.

Consumer launch promotion

You’ll earn 5x points (Ritual Rewards) for every qualifying wellness order for the week of March 27 - April 2, 2017; all bonus points will be awarded to your accounts on April 4, 2017.

1. U.S. News & World Report 2016-17 Best Hospitals: Specialty Rankings. Page 129. Accessed here.

Have a craving? Search for it!

Trust us when we say that you haven't truly experienced the Ritual magic unless you've used Ritual Search. The little magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner is one of the most overlooked features, but it's the one that we ourselves use the most here at Ritual HQ.

We've pulled together a list of the most useful ways to utilize Ritual Search for you. Here's to caffeinat-ing and lunch-ing even faster.

Reading this on your phone browser? The buttons below will take you directly to the related search in-app. (Mobile Chrome has been known to cause some errors, if this happens to you, we apologize in advance, but you can still type in the search terms!)

Type in something like... "Freshii" when you want to find your fave resto.

Type in something like... "Mocha" when you know exactly what you want.

Type in something like... "Salad" when you're on a mission to eat healthy.

Type in something like... "Italian" when you feel adventurous or miss home.

Type in something like... "Vegan" when you want to know what's in your food.

Type in something like... "Under 8" when you're trying to fatten up the piggy bank.



New on Ritual: Corner Bakery (N Michigan & E Illinois)

Corner Bakery Cafe is is a real star, serving up some of the freshest salads and sandwiches in the city. They've also got you covered for a delicious and nutrition-packed breakfast, as well as your much needed morning and afternoon caffeine kick.

Open your app and order a delicious salad or panini. Pair it with a cup of frothy latte for a Tuesday done right.

Must-try: Uptown Turkey on Harvest Toast Sandwich w/ smoked turkey, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo. Sandwiches served with a pickle & your choice of bakery chips or baby carrots.


Ritual Rewards coming to you at Freshii and many other Partners!

Introducing: Ritual Rewards at the Clinton Street Freshii (with many other locations to come)

When you place an order, you’ll unlock a Ritual Reward of 20% off your next order. There will be a notification to let you know you’ve unlocked a Reward. The discount will be automatically applied to your next qualifying order at the same Freshii. No extra loyalty cards or stamp collecting to worry about, just savings.

Think of it this way, 20% off every second meal is like getting a whole meal for free with every 5 purchases. Need we say more?

Stay tuned as we bring Ritual Rewards to more of our partners to help you save. Just look for the "Ritual Rewards" tag in-app!


New & improved menus makes ordering even easier

Over the last few months, we've received a ton of great feedback from you. You shared, we listened, and we've gone and done an entire overhaul of our menus.

Here are some of the key updates!

The Loop now fully LIVE, invite friends & earn!

Great news, Chicago! You can now use Ritual at all your favourite spots in the Loop. Don't work there? Now's the perfect time to invite your friends there to join Ritual. Just open your app settings and tap on "invite friends & coworkers." You can share your code on social media too.

Friends don't let friends wait in line.

Here's a list of some of our featured Loop restaurants and cafes. Stay tuned and check back in the app for many more to come

20% Off with Ritual Rewards - A New Reason to Love Ritual

New year, new eats, new reasons to use Ritual. Ritual Rewards helps you to save money on everyday coffee and lunch purchases and stick to that 2016 savings plan. From now until the end of January, when you place an order, you’ll unlock a Ritual Reward of 20% off your next order.

It's the best rewards program ever.

After you make a qualifying purchase, there will be a notification to let you know you’ve unlocked a Reward. The discount will be automatically applied to your next qualifying order at the same restaurant or cafe. No extra loyalty cards or stamp collecting to worry about.

We won’t make you buy coffee after coffee, pining for that tenth one where you finally get your reward. With Ritual, you earn rewards faster - on every second purchase, the way it should be.

We know, we're kind of awesome.

New on Ritual: Naansense

Friday is finally here and it's time to treat yourself to some of Naansense's modern Indian cooking. Go ahead, the end of your first 2016 work week deserves something this delicious. And with a ton of menu items under $8, it'll help you stick to your new year's saving plan.

If you've been to Naansense before, you know the wait for a delicious Naanwich is long. But ain't nobody got time to wait on a Friday, right? Take your pick from the list of delicious dishes, stroll over, and pick up you tastiest lunch this week.

Must-try: Chicken Naanwich w/ tender chicken marinated in tandoori spices.


The Best of 2015

Always been curious to see what everyone else in your neighbourhood is enjoying for lunch on Ritual? We're here to satisfy that curiosity, George. We have the 411 on the best eats in town, all backed up by data.

Here's a list of the top 10 eats from 2015, sorted by neighbourhood. Didn't get a chance to try these bad boys last year? 2016 is here and it's the perfect time to discover something new!

River North

The Mart

West Loop

The Loop

Have a Cup of Cheer and Gift One Too

Give the gift of coffee & lunch to your friends on us! You don't have to wear red to be everyone's favourite guy around. And in return for being the jolly giver, we reward you with $10 too once they try Ritual for the first time.

To find and share your unique sign-up code, just go to the app menu and tap on "Invite Coworkers & Friends."

Let the holidays begin! 

This week on Ritual: Da Lobsta (Clark & Hubbard)

They're not lying when they say this is "da way lobsta's meant ta be." Da Lobsta has all the goods. Since their arrival to the streets in 2013, they've taken the traditional east coast concept of the lobster roll to a while new level. It really is the American Dream on a bun.

Lobster, shrimp, or crab, you can take your pick. The guys here will make a mean slaw out of your choice of sea creature and serve it to you on a toasted New England style bun, with the best warm garlic-butter drizzled on top. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours too. Before we run off to order our Da Lobsta lunch, here are a few of our faves to help you make up your mind.

Must have: Genghis Kahn Lobster Roll w/ soy mayo, topped with Asian slaw with Szechuan sauce & scallions. Served in a toasted bun with chilled meat.


New on Ritual: Glazed & Infused (E Hubbard & N State)

Remember those early childhood days, when your dad would take you by the local doughnut shop and buy you an afternoon treat? “Choose one, any one,” he would say, followed by a wink and a “don’t tell mom."

We’ve since grown up, but so has the iconic American doughnut. Reimagined and reinvented by Glazed and Infused, your afternoon today could be just as sweet as the ones you remember from the good ol’ days. The doughnuts here are made fresh daily and rolled by hand. There are ample flavours to choose from, so go ahead, feel like a kid again.

Our favourite doughnuts: 

  • The Red Velvet
  • The Vanilla Bean Glazed
  • The Chocolate 4

Hello there, River North!

We hope you're hungry, Chicago. Because Ritual is now LIVE in River North.

We've partnered with the best restaurants and cafés in the area, top-rated ones with long lunchtime waits and no delivery options. You can now say goodbye to lineups, loose change, and paper receipts, and pick up your meal in a breeze. Take a look at our partners list in River North, we know you'll be impressed. With 50+ partners and counting, so you can find your daily coffee and the best quinoa salad in town on Ritual. 

Here are just a few of our favourites. Stay tuned on our blog as we show more of our partners some love and help you discover your next new fave.